Blogs can help towards managing Reputation


Blogs can help towards managing Reputation

Reputation is defined as the summation of the images that various stakeholders have of an organisation. An organisation’s performance, its behavior and how it communicates to its various stakeholders are critical components of its reputation. A good reputation, built over time, will be threatened when an organization is overwhelmed with damaging comments from the public who are dissatisfied with the organisation.

These negative remarks need to be addressed speedily and strategically to avoid reputational damage.  One of the recommended tools from the communication tool-box – one that is cost-efficient and effective, is Blogging. Presently, blogging is a popular means of posting one’s message or opinion on the Internet – in real time.

A Blog is an on-line posting of a blogger’s personal journal that has since morphed into a news reporting tool.  Blog is a social media term derived from ‘web-log’- coined in 1997, which was condensed to ‘blog’ in 1999.

Blogging can be efficient for managing Reputation, especially since it is done on-line and in real time:

  • As a blog can be developed quickly it allows for speedy response to an emerging crisis that is detected. After the issue has been addressed, the blog can be easily removed from view.
  • A blog can support greater outreach for the corporate message.  However, this web presence has to be managed well to avoid abuse.
  • With key words built into blog content a blog posting can be created and pinged (search engines alert) resulting in search engine recognition quickly established for both the blog and the corporate website. This can draw traffic to the corporate website.
  • Blogging cultivates interactivity and feedback can be easily obtained.  However, one can choose to moderate the comments before allowing them to be published for public viewing.  Nasty, rude remarks or unrelated information can be blocked while suitable information can be shared.
  • Complicated bureaucracy that governs a corporate website can delay response to issues through the corporate website.  A blog can be maintained by the Corporate Communication Department – custodian of the corporate reputation, and moderated with minimum training.
  • Blogging can be a support mechanism to corporate web presence or a boost to building a new on-line presence. As the corporate website is fundamental to disseminating information on the company, its products and services, a company-sponsored blog can function as a feeder channel to drive visitors to the corporate website.

When it is planned and executed well blogging can assist to over-turn negative effects on corporate reputation – online.

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