What PRICE would you put on your REPUTATION?


What PRICE would you put on your REPUTATION?

An organisation’s reputation has been defined as the sum of the images the various stakeholders have of an organization. At Samanea PR Sdn Bhd, we have over 80 years of combined experience in managing business reputations and we would like to help you manage yours.

A reputation is built on an organisation’s performance, behavior and communication. As such, only working on all these three critical components can you repair a damaged reputation.

A good Reputation is an asset that adds value to the actual worth of a company and the good news is that it can be managed. Companies that have good reputation attract better-quality employees, pay less for supplies, gain better media coverage that is worth much more than advertising and accrue other benefits that actually contribute to profits.

Reputation management is the practice of monitoring, measuring and establishing a plan for managing the reputation assets of an organisation or brand.  This plan includes bridging the gap between how a company or brand perceives itself and how others view it. It is essential to build and maintain a good reputation as it helps sustain an organization or brand through challenging times.

This is where Samanea PR can help you. Through Reputation Management (a strategic Public Relations tool) we can help you establish beneficial relationships with your stakeholders, which will contribute to enhance the reputation of your company.

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